… Like a Girl

You run, throw, fight like a girl. This phrase has been around for ages, but what exactly does it mean to do something “like a girl”? In this case, men and even women use it as a demeaning statement saying whatever that person is trying to do is, is inferior, particularly to the male race. Although this term has been normalized in today’s society, what kind of message are we sending to younger generations of girls by using it?

Frankly, it is not a good one and that needs to be made clear. Girls (and any other gender one may define themselves as) are just as strong and capable of anything as males are. When hearing this statement, us women should be taking it as a compliment, not something to be shamed for. Together as women, we are intelligent, beautiful, and powerful human beings that shouldn’t be trampled on by derogatory expressions.

By continuing to use this expression, young girls are being raised to think that they are not as brilliant or as tough as the guys, but oh well lets just laugh it off right because all we are is a joke? No. Lets change this. Lets build up our daughters, friends, nieces, and cousins to believe in themselves and feel as equally strong minded. Let’s twist others’ words and say, “Wow that’s amazing you __ like a girl… like any other gender… like a passionate human being”.

The brand, Always, came out with a commercial #LikeaGirl to expand on this idea and it’s a great example of what it should mean to be like a girl, so I highly recommend watching it. I truly believe we can all come together as a community of women, and of course not discluding men, with hopes to take the world by storm, like a girl.


2 thoughts on “… Like a Girl

  1. You have grown into a wonderful young lady Jordan. It is a pleasure to know you and read your writings as you share your thoughts.


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