Failure is Not the Finish Line


In life we are often faced with obstacles, where we can easily say, “nope not today”, and continue on down the easy path, but without challenges how can one grow? If you’re constantly walking away from opportunities because of the fear of difficulty and failure, you’re never going to grow and succeed.

For instance, I came into track my freshman year set on doing sprints because I was just too uncoordinated for anything else and I thought I was going to stick to that mindset. Thank god I didn’t. My coach pushed and pushed at me to try hurdles, so I finally gave into his wishes and took the first leap. Let me just say this, hurdles is not easy, nor was I good at it at all my very first time.

My first week I managed to fall a few times and even break a hurdle straight through the center of it. I felt discouraged, yet some spark in me was still desperate to succeed in such a task as hurdles. I could have easily went back to the comfort of running in a straight line, but I continued on and the results felt so rewarding come the end of the season.

Even once you think you’ve figured a skill out, there will always be setbacks and falls; it’s just a matter of how you pick yourself back up and work harder to improve for the next race. I always go into every race with the mentality of just crossing the finish line and putting my all into it win or lose, and although falling can bring my hopes down, it has never stopped me from completing the race. Just recently, during the 100 meter hurdles race I took a major stumble and felt a sense of defeat come over me as I got back up. I  had the thought to disqualify myself on purpose. But I wasn’t going to let the other girls ahead of me though get the satisfaction of beating me. I picked myself back up to make a comeback and did not stop until I was sure I crossed the finish line full-hearted.

It’s never easy to be faced with failure, but it’s destined to happen, especially being a hurdler. Everyday I go over hurdles, literally and figuratively. Whether I’m on the track competing or in the classroom, challenges are brought to me continuously and I always attempt to solve it. I may not get it right every time or receive that first place medal, but I go home knowing I did what I could and put in 110%.

I would encourage everyone to come outside of their box and embrace the daily challenges thrown at them. It doesn’t have to be literally like I do as I take on hurdles, but it simply could be figuring out that one hard math problem or meeting a tight deadline at work. Also know that it’s okay to fail, because without failure how do you grow to overcome it again and expand your knowledge? Failure won’t be the end of the line because if you stand back up a little stronger and taller, you’ll be able to see ahead that there is a finish line and it is welcoming you with open arms and new challenges to take on.

4 thoughts on “Failure is Not the Finish Line

  1. Jordan, I love how you talk about not giving up and getting back up again. Although there will be challenges in life, this is so important. Thank you for reminding me of this important message.

    Ella Raskin (12 years old)


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