Kindness is Key


This past weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at my community’s “Eggstravaganza” and something I learned is kindness truly does go a long way. While I was helping the younger ones with the easter egg hunt, I came across a timid little girl afraid to go and grab the eggs with the others. As I went to go approach her, I made sure to grab the shiniest egg near by because what child can resist that, right? The second I gave her the egg, her eyes lit up and I could tell she was clearly in shock that a “princess gave [her] an egg”.  She exclaimed to her parents the excitement she felt because a princess gave it to her and refused to let it go.

This type of experience is why I have fallen in love with what I am doing as the new titleholder. By participating in the pageant and winning the title, I was given the chance to reach out to families in my community, that I otherwise might not have gotten to meet. I feel so grateful that I could leave such a positive impact on that little girl, even by just reaching out to her and helping her find the shiny eggs. I cannot wait to spread more kindness as I go to more events like this one and leave my mark as Miss. Teen Santee 2018.

Not only though will I try to spread compassion through my title and my community, but also in my everyday life. My goal is to complete (at least) one random act of kindness a day like giving a stranger a compliment, donating to a charity, or sending a card to a sick child in the hospital (which you can do through Here).

I encourage you all to embark on this journey of kindness with me; I put a list of ideas down below if you aren’t sure where to start. Have a blessed day!

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