Support for Our Educators

Growing up I have fond memories of running through the halls of my former school district while my mom worked there and making connections with all the teachers and staff. It’s amazing getting to see those people again who helped shape me into the person I am today, and still maintain those connections I made many years later.

Today I had the opportunity to volunteer at my town’s “Aloha 5k”, where all the proceeds go to the school district to help funding in the arts and technology. I was astounded by the turn out and couldn’t be happier that as a community we could raise all these funds for the children and especially for the teachers that are amazing at what they do. Teachers don’t always get the appreciation (and pay) that they truly deserve, so to see everyone really come out and support was remarkable to me.

I sincerely believe that a lot of times teachers are taken for granted and not everyone really acknowledges all that they do for our future generations. Of course there’s always going to be a bad apple in the bunch, but that stereotype shouldn’t apply to all teachers. The educators I was fortunate enough to have while growing up here are just so engaged in learning and want to give us the best possible education. Your elementary years are crucial in discovering your interests and learning as much as your brain will absorb, so having a good education with the proper funding is important. Without the teachers I had, there’s no way I would have found my love for marine biology or completely understood the power writing can have on the viewer.

I think it’s important that we have events like these that give back to our schools, which give them the ability to expand their teachings and receive the recognition they so rightfully deserve. If there’s anyway you can give back to your local school district, I strongly encourage it. Where I live I may have grown up with a decently nice school that had the fundamental supplies needed, but not all places have that. In other areas, some schools can’t even afford to get basic materials like new markers or pens, and even new seats because all of the rest are broken and hurting the children. The lack of funding for schools and low pay of teachers is quite absurd in my opinion and I hope that not only my community, but everywhere we can come together and give our children the proper education they need to take on the world.


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