Sixteen Things


Just recently I turned the big, sweet 16, and I decided to reflect back on these past 16 years and what I have gotten from them. So here are 16 things I have learned in 16 years… Enjoy!

  1. It is better to have a few close friends, than to have a large group of fake friends that may not truly care about your well being. Quality > quantity
  2. Mental health should be taken more seriously, especially when it comes to homework and stress from school.
  3. Put in 110% with everything you do and always keep a positive attitude, whether that’s in class/at work or out on the field.
  4. Be bold & put yourself out there because you’ll never know what kind of opportunities will come out of it.
  5. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I always try to remember this one on the field/court because it won’t hurt you in the end if you miss. You just have to get back up and try again.
  6. You have no clue what someone could be going through at home, so just be kind to everyone.
  7. Smile more 🙂 it looks good on you! There was also a study that says if you try to smile when you’re feeling down, it can actually help you feel better.
  8. Failure is okay; it may not be the greatest feeling, but it will only make you stronger.
  9. gandhi.jpgNot much more I can say about that one; I think the quote speaks for itself.
  10. You should love yourself first before learning how to love someone else.
  11. Going off of #10, embrace what your mama gave you! You are beautiful and should feel confident in your own skin.
  12. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s perfectly okay.
  13. Don’t do drugs kids! I shouldn’t have to feel weird at school for being one of the few that still hasn’t tried weed or whatever it is. I understand medical purposes, but if you’re in high school out partying that is not a medical reason.
  14. Love is love and I don’t understand why people judge others for just wanting to be happy and in love. Love should have no gender, race, or religion.
  15. Love is not trying to change someone. Love is accepting them and loving them wholeheartedly.
  16. Family is absolutely everything.

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